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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I proofread my essay?

If you need a proofreader online, you’ve come to the right place. Academic writing is our main service. However, we are happy to help you with both editing and proofreading your texts. A subject-related proofreader can check your essay in a matter of hours.

Why is proofreading so important?

If you care for your academic performance, remember to always proofread completed assignments. Even the greatest writers make occasional mistakes and typos. An online essay proofreader can review your writings and guarantee the best result possible. Team up with a professional and score better!

Who can proofread my college essay?

A seasoned professional, of course! Someone who can enhance grammar and style, check language and word choice, consult with initial instructions and improve the overall quality of the text. An online paper proofreader who can turn your academic piece into an unquestionable perfection.

Nice to meet you!
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Hire Your Champion Online Paper Proofreader

Excellent paper proofreading and editing add up to nearly 30% to the overall score. So why risk getting a lower grade only because there was a tiny typo or little-seen grammar flaw? Let’s examine your essay now and see if it needs fixing. Within the next 60 minutes, you’ll get back a fully proofread and submission-ready paper, all for a good price!

What’s proofreading?

Proofreading is a process of examining the final draft of the text you’ve just written in order to find and fix possible grammar, punctuation, syntax, style, spelling, plagiarism, and logical errors.

Essay editing and proofreading is an essential part of fulfilling homework writing assignments before handing a paper in.

All students have to proofread their essays and research papers before submitting.

Why do I need to proofread my essay?

Proofread essay content that you produce if you want it to score better – it’s that simple!

In college, professors don’t cut students any slack when there are any sorts of mistakes in their papers. Even though the work itself can be engaging, topic-relevant, and, in general, an A-grade piece, the mark will still be lower than expected because of all the grammar flaws or spelling errors.

Do you want to get ‘B+’ instead of ‘A’ only because you missed on a typo? No way, of course! So, become your own essay proofreader and spend at least 1-2 hours reading your paper in and out and spotting all possible mistakes.

The importance of essay proofreading

Paper editing websites such as Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid are popular with students for a reason. Today everyone wants to get the result faster, making sure the result is the best possible one, too. Risking your course progress is too big a price to pay for not proofreading your essays well.

That’s why these online instruments can help you find the errors you’ve missed (or didn’t even know those were errors) and fix them manually.

Also, there’s such a service as proofreading online that is done by real human experts. The concept is the following – instead of proofreading texts on your own, you can have them proofread by a dedicated expert. It will save you time and ensure the best essay content quality.

12+1 simple essay proofreading tips

Knowing these easy but effective tips, you could be your own professional essay proofreader!

Separate writing an essay from proofreading it

Right, writing and proofreading are two stand-alone activities. Write your essay and then, in half an hour, for example, proceed to editing. Experts recommend to never mix writing and proofreading.

Know your most common mistakes

We all have our flaws. For some of us it’s Past perfect tenses; for others – it’s US spelling or definite/indefinite articles. Knowing these writing blemishes can help spot that early on and fix quickly.

Use a ruler

Follow each line of text with a rule to focus better. This tip also applies to computer screens as well!

Verify the spelling

And we mean not just spelling in general. Rather a spelling of proper names, abbreviations and acronyms, company names, titles, academic terms, as well as words written in lowercase or using capital letters.

Watch out for logical gaps

A good essay reviser always checks that the final text is coherent and consistent. It’s vital that all the times of events are synched. Also, all the dates, facts, numbers have to be verified, too.

Read your essay out loud

Reading out loud is a useful activity. For essay proofreading needs, it’s used to make your mind more focused, which could really help you be more effective when checking your paper for mistakes.

Double-check APA/MLA/Chicago guidelines

When quoting works of other authors, you have to format the citations according to one of the academic style guidelines. The most common citation styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago. Make sure you did format your manuscript by the textbook.

Puy all distractions away

Be “in the zone” when either writing or proofreading your essay. No smartphones or a TV in the background. This will help you be more effective and be able to wrap up proofreading faster.

Add class!  

There’s an average essay and there’s a classy essay. How to write a classy one? General rules of thumb are:

  • Come up with a thought-provoking thesis.
  • Brainstorm an engaging “hook” as your introduction.
  • Use short and simple sentences less than 15 words long.
  • Use solid academic language.
  • Stick to either UK or US spelling and punctuation rules.
  • All sentences have to be clear and on point.
  • Make paragraphs 3-5 sentences long.
  • Each paragraph has to have a focal sentence.
  • Use quotes and credible evidence to support your argument.
  • Use ethos, logos, pathos, or all the three to influence the audience.
  • Make a bold claim and prove it with style!

Don’t slack it

An essay that is the opposite to the one done with class is the one done half-as**d!

If you are writing an essay, then do right by yourself and get the job done up to the mark. Can’t do it? Don’t want to do it? Paper editing websites like Private Writing can help get the most out of your homework.

Use semi-automated proofreading services

Tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway can help you proofread texts faster. Basically, these services can help find 80-90% of errors, mistakes, and flaws in your writing. The rest, you’ll have to find on your own and fix all of them.

Read text backwards

That’s an old proofreading hint but it works like a charm. Challenging your brain to tackle an unusual task – reading a text backwards – it’ll work more effectively and be able to notice things that were missed while operating in a “standard mode.”

BONUS TIP: Hire an online proofreader

An online paper proofreader is a person with the right set of skills and experience to proofread texts. In your case – college essays. If there’s anything wrong with your essay, an online essay editor will find it, provide feedback, and either tell you how to fix it or fix it at once so you won’t have to bother.

I’ve got no time to edit my essay? Can you help?

Yes, absolutely! We will be glad to offer you a personal writing editor and proofreader to examine your paper and make all the required fixes if needed.

Have you just written an essay but lack the time or dedication to proofread it well? Then let’s help you make your scholarly document better so you could get a better grade stress-free.

Is proofreading online safe?

Online proofreading is 100% safe. Just as using Grammarly or any other similar service, Private Writing service can be used anytime.

However, there’s one BIG difference – our proofreading service is provided by real academic experts who specialize primarily in college papers. This will give you a laser-focus precision when examining your essay.

BTW, today you can try professional proofreading online with a 15% discount from Private Writing!

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