The Bright Sides of Academic Intellectuals We Call ‘Nerds’

The Bright Sides of Academic Intellectuals We Call ‘Nerds’

The first thing that would pop-up in your head when somebody says “Nerd” is an image of a skinny, clumsy, old-fashioned individual wearing thick eyeglasses with no appeal. Well, this is actually the other side of the “Nerd” or “Geek” or “Bore” or whatever you call them but a “Nerd” is definitely not a “Dork” and smarter than a “cool” kid in school.

Nerds are boring and that is because they are not normally interested in stuff most ordinary people do or like such as sports with too much physical exertion, fashionable clothing, parties, and so on. Nerds are more interested in scholarly endeavors like reading books, exploring the nature of things, solving math problems, play some nerdy sports or even more #NerdierSports, and other activities ordinary people don’t normally do. They are commonly unpopular in school but they are smart and do extremely well in academic subjects. In fact, nerds are popular for their strong academic orientation and achievements. A good example is Albert Einstein, an academic-oriented person with a nerdy face, hair, and achievements made him the most successful nerd in the world.

Nerds Play Games and Sports

It is common for nerds to play computer games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and others but they do love and play sports designed for smart and socially independent people like golf, tennis, billiards, chess, and other more #NerdierSports. Tiger Woods is one of the highest paid athlete and the most successful “nerd” golfer in the world.  Some nerds even enjoy some real competitive games such as softball, basketball, and Ice Hockey. Successful and famous nerds are not only big sports fans but also owners of sports teams like technology billionaire Mark Cuban of Dallas Mavericks. Former Bill Gates business partner and fellow nerd Paul Allen is the owner of the Portland Trailblazers and two other sports teams.Woods is one of the highest paid athlete and the most successful “nerd” golfer in the world. Some nerds even enjoy some real competitive games such as softball, basketball, and Ice Hockey.

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Nerds Are Successful in Later Life

Nerds are generally socially hopeless people, but this does not make them clowns to play with. They are logical, inspired, and determined individuals who work harder and harder and therefore normally succeed later life.

Since nerds’ social life is limited, their tendency to focus more on their work provides them more opportunity to get a much better job. In fact, the richest people in the world are nerds and two of them were founders of Google. Nerds are often successful because they possess the qualities required to achieve their goals. For instance, nerds are academically proficient, hard workers, highly motivated; they do not waste time on parties, and likely to work in corporations built by more senior and highly successful nerds like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Jack Dorsey, and others. These famous and successful nerds are mostly academic intellectuals who in later life used their genius in building a technology-based enterprise. Some nerds are also quite successful in other fields such as Ben Stein, a millionaire, lawyer, actor, and a successful writer who writes articles and speeches for famous people.


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