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Is Science Atheistic?

Science by definition is the intellectual, practical, and the systematic study of the composition and functioning of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.  Atheism, a word derived from the combination of the Greek α or “not” and theos or “god” is commonly…

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Essay Writing: Pre-Submission Checklist

1. Do Not Change Grammar Tenses Throughout the Essay Use the present tense (He takes this stance because …) or past tense (He said this because …) – but not both in one essay. Professors will take off quite a few points for this simple…

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Leave a Message

What are the most important things in your life? Nowadays, whatever you are going to tell about – your life, celebrities’ private life, politics, literature or a notice of the day – may take you not more than 140 symbols, and #twitter proves it perfectly….

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Learning from Budget Books

Hashtag: #BudgetBooks The process of determining which books are to be used in a school classroom is historically controversial. The study shows that textbooks in elementary and high school are often acquired based on economic and political reasons rather than educational considerations. Moreover, major textbook…

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Assistance with Mistakes You Make in Writing

Writing assignments are an inescapable part of higher education. They’re always a challenge, often fun, but most times a chore. And, besides, so much can go wrong: grammatical errors, citing mistakes, structuring issues, plagiarism.So instead of facing the challenges blindly and alone, here are 10…

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Can We Actually “Rewrite” a Film?

The term “rewrite” by definition is to write something again. Its purpose is to correct or improve a piece of writing or a written document. In the academic world, rewriting a piece of document is to write it in a different manner, alter its form…

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Professional Ethics in School

Hashtag: #GabaritandoEtica (A Lecture on Professional Ethics) This is an example of essay writing, which you could use as a reference. The main goal of this writing is to give you understanding of the topic and whole essay structure. The Effect of Teacher’s Unethical Practices…

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How to Draft a Lesson Plan in 6 Steps

Before students plan a lesson, they need to first identify the learning objectives for the class meeting for which they are planning, so they can design effective learning activities and create strategies for accomplishing these objectives. For those studying education, learning to write a lesson…

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Pyramids Schemes Explained

Pyramids Schemes Explained A pyramid scheme is a type of investment scheme in which investors earn profits from the recruiting of new members to the scheme; all pyramid schemes inevitably fail because they rely on geometric growth to sustain returns for the investors, and eventually…

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Problem Solving Skills

The term “problem solving skills” refers to a number of academic and real life situations that require the ability to dissect problems and effectively resolve them. Problem solving is considered to be the process of finding solutions to difficult issues. The term “problem solving skills” refers not…

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