50 Most Popular Expository Essay Topics

Look through the list of 50 best expository essay topics to choose one for your expository writing.

If you are assigned to write an expository essay you’ll definitely need to get to know the main expository writing promps. We’ve published a series of articles on the theme of expository writing:

And below you’ll find a list of 50 most popular expository topics:

Expository Essay Topics: Restaurant

  1. McDonald’s uses “pink slime” mixture in Chicken McNuggets product
  2. McDonald’s washing beef with ammonia solution
  3. Subway says “Eat Fresh” but doesn’t slice their meat in-store
  4. Olive Garden uses bagged salad mixes and not fresh products for their ‘signature’ salad
  5. Why do pizza chains, like Pizza Hut, use dough that comes in frozen?
  6. Taco Bell’s ground beef is actually only 35% meat
  7. Fast food chains charging $0.30 for a slice of tomato on a sandwich
  8. Fast food chains overcharging for substitutions such as sauce changes, adding cheese or extra sauces/veggies

Expository Essay Topics: Politics

  1. Social Security will be obsolete by the time Generation X is old enough to retire
  2. Obama Care is still not affordable
  3. Government hides full details of the financial status of the country
  4. National news networks attack the government for answers with no replies
  5. Is the security of the nation really being protected?
  6. Is forcing health insurance on citizens actually legal?
  7. For those that cannot afford health insurance, is putting them in jail or fining them really the right answer?
  8. Why is the US Government unable to allow other countries to fend for themselves?
  9. Do the taxes you pay really go toward benefitting the country or just to satisfy the financial hardships of a mismanaged governmental system?
  10. Why are those without children forced to pay school taxes in the city they reside in?
  11. Why do states force residents to pay taxes in both the city they live in and the city they work in?
  12. Why does the Government cover up its mishaps instead of informing the public of the flaws?
  13. Tea party demonstrators’ protest only for the media attention
  14. The Government is failing by not being financially stable to support those that were injured serving the country
  15. Government agencies are protected from the law

Expository Essay Topics: Medicine

  1. Health Insurance companies cannot deny you but that doesn’t mean you can afford coverage
  2. How much does it really cost a doctor to spend 10 minutes with a patient for an office visit?
  3. Why are Emergency Room visits so expensive even for minor visits where no tests are done?
  4. Do you check your hospital bill? Many items are double billed.
  5. Does every misdiagnosis deserve a lawsuit?
  6. Is Fibromyalgia really a disease?
  7. Why are patients without insurance treated differently at hospitals than those with insurance?
  8. The hypocritical oath that doctors have to take does not apply to how patients are really treated
  9. Herbal supplements are used as pads for companies to profit without FDA studies being conducted
  10. Doctors push certain medications to increase profits for certain pharmaceutical companies

Expository Essay Topics: Celebrities

  1. Paula Deen uses racial slur years ago and gets scrutinized and dropped by sponsors
  2. Justin Bieber plays a birthday song in the nude in front of an elderly person
  3. Celebrity crimes and why celebrities get lesser penalties
  4. Why are celebrities given lesser sentences for repeat crimes?
  5. Celebrities are offered options regarding punishments for crime that regular offenders are not
  6. Miley Cyrus and her change in personality
  7. The Cyrus family is in the middle of major controversy since with the pending divorce
  8. The real reason Jason Aldean chose to leave his wife and their previous marital problems
  9. What is the real reason that Lady Gaga dresses the way she does? Is it really for the attention?
  10. Is being a celebrity really all it’s cracked up to be? What life is really like with mass media attention

Expository Essay Topics: General Issues

  1. Police officers do not follow the traffic laws they enforce
  2. Court systems in America are not hard on deadbeat mothers
  3. Dads seeking custody of children are denied more often than not even when mothers are dangers to their children
  4. Social Security is paid to those without real ailments, such as unprovable chronic migraines
  5. The elderly are living poorer in this decade than in the last century
  6. DUI offenders have rights, and why this is false
  7. Why do those that have committed serious or vile crimes serve less time than a violator of probation

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