What Electric Cars Are Doing to Reduce Global Pollution Levels

Could electric cars be a solution to global pollution?

To What Extent Are Electric Cars a Solution to Global Pollution?

Our society has long considered what we can do to improve the society we live in, to make it better for the children that we are leaving behind. One aspect that must be considered is the level of pollution that occurs throughout the country and the world and the ways in which that pollution level can be reduced.

The most popular method that is presented for the reduction of pollution is increasing the number of electric cars on the road and thereby reducing a number of toxins released from traditional cars.

A Minor Difference

Many say that global pollution is a sum of many different factors and decreasing the number of vehicles that are currently emitting greenhouse gasses will only make a minor impact on global pollution as it exists today. This may, in fact, be true, as it would be nearly impossible to make all vehicles completely electric and, even if it were possible, each would only have a slight impact as long as other methods of pollution were still in effect. Even still, this slight impact will be the start to changes and this could, in the end, cause a drastic change in the amount of pollution released into the environment.

No Production of Gasoline

Electric cars run off of electricity and therefore do not require the production of gasoline. Because gasoline is not being mined, this reduces the number of gasses and other pollution that is released not only into the air but into the soil as well. This can reduce the amount of toxins that are getting into the plants, animals and even ourselves within the environment, especially important to the reduction of the effects of pollution. With a massive production of gasoline comes other less intentional aspects such as leaks and therefore additional pollution into the ground which can definitely leach into the water and even our crops.

When gasoline is produced it’s actually a very messy process and it can result in a lot of problems for the surrounding area. There have been a number of oil leaks throughout the world that have resulted in poisoned water and animals for a long time after the leak is found and cleaned up. That’s because the damage can never fully be undone from that leak and that same material is what is getting into the air we breathe and the soil we grow our crops in and the water that we drink all the time. What actually causes it is the production and transportation of gasoline.

No Greenhouse Gases Leaked From Cars

Likewise, with electric cars, they do not create greenhouse gasses to be let off into the atmosphere. As a result of this, there is less pollution being put into the air and far less that is actually being trapped within the air. Because gas is not released, there is less to cause illness or harm to the population of humans, plants, and animals without our world. This ensures that the world is going to be a much cleaner place for the future and our future generations.

When traditional cars use gasoline that has to be burned off and goes into the air as a type of smog. You’ve likely seen it coming out of the tailpipes of cars but you’ve especially seen it come out of large tractor trailers. This smog is extremely bad for anyone to breathe in and it becomes even worse when it gets into the atmosphere and stays there. That’s because it can then trap in more dangerous chemicals and smog so the air becomes permanently damaged, instead of just for that short time.

Even reducing the number of full gasoline vehicles on the road by 1,000 vehicles would make an immense amount of difference. 100 vehicles could be a big difference even and that’s only two people per state for just the United States, not counting other areas that are considering the importance of electric cars to a higher extent than the United States. With even a small amount starting the ‘trend’ and bringing in more and more people it would be possible to make an immense difference in the amount of pollution in our world, something that is extremely important to remember.


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